We'll meet you at a convenient time at your home, to assess the project. First we want to get to know of any ideas and specific questions, as well as inspiration pictures you might have for us. From there, our designer will ask questions and propose general ideas to get a general vision of what you want and what can be done depending on your budget and time frame for completing the project. 
At our initial consultation we can present our flat fee for your Custom Design Proposal and we can follow up to schedule a second meeting and to sign on the details of our agreement. Then we'll present our ideas, a shopping list and we'll be adjusting and making changes, giving you extra choices for those parts of the concept that you might not be very comfortable with. 
For kitchen, bathroom and home remodeling you can book for us to either meet with your contractor and/or recommend contractors that can help you with your project. 
Also for follow up consulting for furnishings you can book extra time with us to visit retail stores and help you pick other items that you might be interested in. Hourly fee U$130.00 minimum two hours per booking.